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     The work of José Guerra Vicente

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José Guerra Vicente (Almofala, Portugal, 1907 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 1976) - came to Brazil at tem years of age, acquiring his entire musical formation in Rio de Janeiro. He belonged to the Musical Renewal Movement (1963/64) and was a member of the International Society of Contemporary Music. In 1960, his Sinfonia Brasília obtained first prize (shared with Guerra-Peixe and Cláudio Santoro), in na international competition organized by the Ministry for Education. In 1968, he won the Francisco Braga National Competition with his Abertura Sinfônica. His vast musical output registers 3 symphonies; a cello concerto; trumpet concerto; sonatas for violin and piano; clarinet and piano; cello and piano; Carnaval Carioca, for full orchestra; duos; string trio; string quartet and pieces for flute, clarinet, oboe, guitar, violin, viola, cello, piano and voice. The Cenas Cariocas for violoncello and piano was written in 1961 and dedicated to the great master Iberê Gomes Grosso. The world première took place on the June 7, 1962 in the town of Friburgo, RJ, Brazil, interpreted by the Duo Guerra Vicente - Moura Castro.

Main compositions: 3 Sinfonies; Concerto for trumpet and orchestra; Concerto for violoncelo and orchestra; Concertino for violoncelo and orchestra; Carnaval Carioca, for Full Orchestra; Sonata for violin and piano; Sonata for clarinet and piano; Sonata for violoncelo and piano; String Trio; String Quartet; Cenas Cariocas for violoncelo and piano; Toccata ponteada for guitar; Improviso for solo flute; Divertimento for solo viola; Toccata for piano; Works for singer and piano;


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