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Brazilian Music for the Beginner
for Viola and Piano
Project and supervision: Ricardo Vasconcellos     Themes composed by: Francisca Aquino

This publication aims at allowing beginners to start experiencing chamber music performance
based on the rich diversity of styles of Brazilian music. Throughout the whole book the player uses only the first position and its extensions, whereas other interpretative and technical aspects such as articulation,
bow strokes, rhythm and dynamics are explored in different ways in every piece, as new challenge to the student.
We consider it to be of fundamental importance to start musicians in the practice of chamber music
as soon as possible. So, the structure of the pieces in this book explores in a natural manner the potential of the viola both as soloist and accompanying instrument.
The CD* with this edition brings the piano part of the pieces and makes it possible a better understanding of the work as a whole. It has been viewed as an efficient auxiliary device in the music learning process.

Contents: I-Baićo   II-Waltz  III-Frevo  IV-Ballad  V-Song  VI-Modinha   VII-Bossa

* MIDI generated files converted to audio. Two piano versions have been produced for each piece in slow and normal tempi,

respectively, with the metronome added only to the slow tempo version.

Piano accompaniment for Baiāo Clicking the speaker (wait for the score image to download)
you can listen to the piano accompaniment
(.rm file Real Player) for "baićo"
Try to play along with your own instrument!!!

Viola part

Viola part for Baićo

Piano part

Piano part for Baićo